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Why is Personal Training Important?

When a trainer works with a team they typically have 12 to 18 players involved. This is an ideal way to teach team tactics, but it is often difficult to give sufficient attention to individual technical training needs.  Private, individualized training gives players the focused attention necessary to their development as high-level players. Private training is also a great way to stay sharp technically and physically.

Players benefit in skills, tactical understanding, fitness, and other important aspects of the game that only individual and small group sessions can provide.

Are you a soccer player?

Are you worried about your first touch? Have you ever been scared of trying to make that long pass or not taken a shot because it was on your weaker foot? Every player has areas of his or her game that need work. VGB Soccer now offers the perfect environment to identify and develop these areas.
VGB Soccer coaches will work on the specific skills that you think are important to improve your game in an individualized, one-on-one environment.
Whether you have a try-out coming up, just looking for general development or have an important game on the horizon; the VGB Soccer private training program will improve both your confidence and your game.

Are you a Team Coach?

  • Do you wish your players were technically better?
  • Do you wish your players were more accurate with their passing or shooting?
  • Would you like them to be more dynamic when dribbling or running with the ball?
  • Would you like players who can control the ball more consistently?
  • Do you find it hard to complete keeper training as part of your weekly training program?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then our individual training program is ideal for your players. One of our professional coaches will work on specific targets with attention to detail that cannot be achieved in a large group practice. The learning curve of the players will be accelerated and skills will become autonomous, completed on instinct rather than on command.

Are you a parent?

Ever wondered why some players are capable of things that others cannot achieve? There's no secret that practice makes perfect. Our individual training programs and specific evaluations will target weaknesses and accelerate player’s improvement faster than regular practices.

Individual programs give trainers more opportunities to correct technical imperfections and help your child understand where and how these techniques can be implemented in a game situation.

VGB Private Soccer Coaching offers Individual, Small Group and Team training.

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