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VGB Team Soccer Coaching™

Are you looking for a Professional Coach to train your team?


VGB Team Coaching™ provides a unique training system that will help take your team to the next level.

Most successful youth teams base their success on receiving regular well planned training sessions. A constant coaching philoshopy that helps to develop a system of play each player becomes familiar with.

A team needs to have a coach who understands all aspects of the game (technique, tactics, physical and psychological) in order for the players to achieve success.

VGB Team Coaching's goals are to emphasize the encouragement and the development of individual player technique and tactical awareness as well as team tactics. Through application of world class coaching/teaching techniques, players will learn to perform well under pressure and learn to make good decisions in game conditions.

Most of the training sessions will be similar to the ones used by most of the top professional youth teams around the world (Manchester United, FC Barcelona, Ajax, Brazil National Team, etc.)

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